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R13: NZ's Q & A chatbot for teens.

R13 is chatbot designed for young people 13+. It's loaded up with answers from NZ experts, and other teens, to the most common andhard-to-ask questions on love, life, relationships and mental health.

Start a chat, ask a question - it's safe, free and anonymous.

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Love isn't always easy. R13 can answer your questions on starting a relationship, breaking up and the ups and downs in between. See what other teens are asking
Life isn't without its ups and downs. R13 answers
questions on stress, relationships, identity and more.
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R13 is a chatGPT powered app made for young people 13+ to get answers on life's big, awkward, or curious questions.

I'm in Beta which means I'm still getting questions added and learning to be as smart as possible.